Hey Guys, this is a really really small post! Just to get things going and like a TIP of the Week !!!

When I keep circling in the same situation, I call it “Being in A RUT!”

There are several ways of getting out of a rut, they are:

1.Don’t Perfect

Try not to seek perfection all the time, sometimes the way things are are what makes them perfect. Get going and stop sitting on the same things.

2.Take a Break

A change in setting or a different task can get things going. So take a break, chill, listen to music or go for a drive. It will surely clear things in your head.

3.Speak to Someone

A friend comes in handy here. Just speak your mind and discuss things. A new face will always have a different thing to add on to.


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Love & Happiness,

Bhavana 🙂



When are we not in pursuit of happiness, trying to ace the best class result, getting to dance with the girl we had a crush on, giving an amazing presentation in front of our boss, etcetra and etcetra, the list goes on! Nearly 99% of our actions are in pursuit of happiness, most of the times for ourselves and rarely for others.

In both cases, happiness is relative!

Still, there are some basic underlying principles of being happy and how to have a happy life.

1. Learning Happiness

To be happy it is essential to be surrounded be happy things, things that give you joy and make you feel special. You should surround yourself with activities and people that bring a smile on your face. You should cut down and negate on people and those things that hurt you or upset you in any form.

2. Set Goals for yourself

Having goals will automatically lead you to pursue something. It will remove negative thoughts and you would not be having “a devil’s mind”! What I mean to say here, an idle mind is a devil’s workshop and you will naturally be busy and find various ways to achieve it. Having goals is always beneficial because it gives your mind some direction.

3. Have your armor on

It is essential to always have your guard on. Try and be as confident as possible. An optimistic person seems a confident person. Therefore, confidence is key. Half our battle is won if you are confident.

4. Enjoy the smaller pleasures

Life is all about the little – little pleasures. Take each day as it comes. Enjoy the little things that bring joy. Take out time to just see the birds chirping or the dog playing in the park, dance a little with your grand children or just in the rain! Have a sip of tea and make yourself cozy.

5. Energy follows thought

Positive energy leads to positive action. Last week in my own particular experience, I felt that if I believe and say something good, it always happens. So as a principle, I always say to speak only the good things. 🙂

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See you soon,

Love & Happiness,

Bhavana 🙂


Hey guys,

So part of my self help series, is Living your Dream.

Living your dream is doing the things that you enjoy doing and continue to do that, in turn having a rewarding life. So what’s the secret or the code?

Well, the code is….. (drumroll) To live your dream, you must have SMART goals.

💟 S- Simple

💟 M- Measurable

💟 A- Accurate

💟 R- Realistic

💟 T- Time defined

Now take a sheet and a pen and :

💟 Know what your dream is. Is it a big house? Is it helping people? Is it working for animals.

💟 List down all the things that you aspire to be or to get at.

💟 Set priorities to your list. Like put numbers or decide which one is most important to you and decide the rest in a decreasing order.

💟 Set timelines for the goals or dreams. For example: I want to be a known blogger. Now this is a vague dream. Set crisp dreams or goals. Look at it like this- I wan to be a known blogger in the self help area by end of 2017. So define your time and exact goal.

Now you have your dreams- you have a list, now is for action time. Once you are through this, do this:

💟 Now break it down more.

Say I want a 4 bedroom house in 2 years. Now look at your expenses and calculate for the next 2 years.

Or look at your credit score to see if that loan amount is payable by you. If it is, that is wonderful. If not, look at increasing your income.

Think of ways you can make good money. Think of getting into school to learn new things or asking for pay raise. Or you can look out for another higher paying job. Alsop, a great way is to cut down your expenses.

A little goes a long way.

💟 Research is key. You can look up various magazines, read online and get price estimates on things you want to do.

💟 Motivation is a huge ingredient is going strong. There can be setbacks, but those are temporary. They will pass away. Keep your goal in mind and keep working towards it.



So, a couple of years ago, I was sitting next to my window, looking out, watching the skies, birds and everything under it… just looking out mindlessly, well that state is called “bokato”…. yep, i googled it. So had to google it, because I was doing this pretty often. Just having cup of tea and looking out, aimlessly.

Aimlessly is what I did not like. I had to have a goal. Or probably, i just got too comfortable with myself. That is when it struck me- to write down my plan of life.

What is a plan of life ?

💟 Plan of Life is all about what you want to achieve in your life.

💟 It is about what you envision your life to be.

So, how do you make this plan of life?

Simple. Lets take it step by step….

💟 Take a sheet of paper and pen

💟 Write down where you currently are…. now this has to be as detailed as possible… get into specifics… but do not get lost in it…

you know what i mean, right?

💟 Now make 3 columns- 3 years, 5 years and 10 years….. do not be overwhelmed….

💟 Next, think… what you really want. and begin envisioning yourself…. really weigh in everything by thinking you do you want this or do you want that…

💟 Now . begin filling up all the columns… but take one column at a time…

Now the main point or idea is- this is where your overwhelming gets sorted. You do not have to write everything down today only. You can take your time to think about those columns. Give it a month…. you will get there if you do not know what exactly you want.

Once you get those columns filled…. its now action time.

Almost easy as it sounds, this is the most difficult path.. But we can get there another day. Today we did an amazing task of finding out where you want to be.

Some reminders before I go….

💟 I want you all to remember, life is a gift.. enjoy it… live it…

💟 It is not a race. There maybe joy in getting to the finish point first, but a larger joy is in the journey.

💟 Also, some goals are hard to achieve, some are rather easy ones. I am not telling you to go over the easy win, I am saying, do not be too hard on yourself.

💟 If there are milestones, there are set to be roadblocks. I am most definitely sure about it. So do not give up. And it could take longer, but you will get there.

OK… so we are at the end… but you can always reach out to me on email- bhavanaduttofficial@gmail.com

Love & Happiness,

Bhavana 🙂