5 Things about Mental Health

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Let us talk Mental Health. What is it?

According to Wikipedia, Mental Health is like having peace with your brain; like when your mind is healthy and working well.

People who suffer from Mental health problems are referred to be having Mental Illness.

Fact 1: Look around, 2 out of 10 children have mental health issues and problems since their childhood.

Fact 2: Any kind of substance abuse- narcotics leads to such problems

Fact 3: The ones with mental illness are prone to other diseases than others. They have higher chances of getting neurological, cardiovascular and cancerous diseases.

Fact 4: Mental Illness is treatable. Yet, there is still a stigma about it. People with this illness are subject to isolation in the society. But they need the opposite- the human company is a major way of treating such patients.

Fact 5: According to WHO, around 800,000 people commit suicide every year and many times the substance abuse and mental health issues are the leading cause of such suicide cases.


If you wish to educate someone about mental health issues are want to contact an agency:

+ Google Mental Health Helpline

+In USA- for suicides call: 1800-273-8255  ( National Suicide Prevention online); for general information: SAMHSA Treatment Referral Line- 1877-726-4727

+ In India : 1860-266-2345 / 1800-233-3330

Please search the mental health institutes or crisis management in your local town.



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