About Me

Bhavana Dutt - About the author

Hi all, I am Bhavana Dutt; a home-maker at this very second. I recently got married and moved to San Francisco with my husband. I have an MBA degree in Marketing with me and a Post Graduate Certification in Marketing Management.

This blog, Our Happy World happened out of sitting idle and getting bored at home. I have made an earlier attempt at writing a blog with – https://thehardthought.com/ with writing on Marketing and my thoughts on few things of my academic interests.

At the beginning of writing a blog, I was intrigued and overwhelmed on how things work in the blogging world. Intrigued because – plain writing had evolved; a lot bigger than just publishing. That is where my Marketing and Business knowledge came! Overwhelmed because – it was all pretty new, you know; “What If I Fail” Scenario!

From my childhood, I had always written articles in school and in my graduation days; so the flow came to me. But I had to decide what content I wanted to create; and so I narrowed down to Lifestyle- because it offered me a lot of options to write on. I could see where to go ahead from there.

Apart from writing, my key interest has been animals – cats and dogs, especially! I love cats and have also had a cat for a brief period of time. I love traveling and have done a solo trip to New York from Toronto. That was a high, I must say! My ambitions took to me study away from home in Hyderabad, India. I worked for an year in a major Indian Tech firm and then landed up a job in another city of India- Bangalore. Passionate about marketing, I learned a lot in the International media agency I was working for. But I had a calling, always wanted to study outside of India; and then took the plunge of leaving the job and taking up a Post Graduate course in Toronto, Canada.

After my return from Toronto, I got married and have been with the best companion ever – my husband !