Why I do not want to get a kitten home?

So, this is something that has been close to my heart always…

Last week me and Peeyush brought home our kitten! And we named him Murphy. Murphy was almost 12 weeks when he came to our home. And I believe we were not prepared for what we had gotten into.

  1. The kitten had to be litter trained. Well, he knew what business the litter tray was meant for, but he had difficulty in getting to the litter tray. So, in my dictionary that means “needs litter box training.” I had to put him in the litter box a couple of times in a day for him to figure out that he was wanting to pee and poop.
  2. I was grounded. Literally! I could not go out, even for 10 minutes, because the kitten would go crazy meowing! He needed my constant attention. He wanted me to be next to him all the time…. And cats are not good with car travel, so the question of him taking out was out of conversation.
  3. He was a baby. Like any baby, he wanted to follow me everywhere, well, there would be many reasons for it, I was his sister or mother, but I needed my life. I had my blog, had to cook, spend time with my husband (we are newly weds) and he wanted to take up our time everywhere.
  4. The nights are painful. Just like a crying baby, the kitten used to jump on us and wanted to play with us at night. They are the most active then and wanted our attention. That was totally out of the question. On top of it, he was teething , so we were training him not to bite our fingers and toes.
  5. I have had a 2 year old cat in the past and she did not require, this much work. But the baby kitten was just a lot to take in. Too much attention, constant surveillance, and many more things.

I totally accept the fact, that we made a huge mistake by bringing home the kitty. What we needed, if needed at this point was an elder cat, that too female.

If you are wondering what happened to the kitten, we returned him to our breeder and she will place him in his furever home ! God bless the kitten.

This is an article written to tell everyone not to make a mistake what we did and think twice before bringing a pet home. 

If you are absolutely sure about having a pet, and want a cat in your life, you can get retired pedigreed cats too.



xoxo, B (ava)

Things to consider before getting a cat

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Hey folks, so cats are my favorite topic- one reason being I  have stayed with one and developed fondness over time. So with this blog the title makes it very clear- ” Things to consider before getting a cat.

10 Things to buy before you a cat home

Having a cat is an important decision as they also need human attention and care. So, just to save you the trouble, let me put it really straight- before getting a cat you need to consider:

  • Any allergies that you are having or anyone in the family?
  • Will you commit at least 2-3 hours of your time with the cat in a day?
  • You will not leave the cat alone for more than 10 hours in a day
  • The medical bills and insurance for your cat
  • Taking time to take your cat to the vet at the right times
  • The space for free movement of your pet in your home

If you have thought about the above things and are ready to take responsibility, then lets get into the Things to be considered !

Cats cuddling

The felines are surely one of the less demanding animals but they come with their own set of responsibilities. Before I list down the things for the market; one must consider looking into pros and cons of having a pet. Be it less demanding, they are living beings and need love and care with ample amount of playtime. So one should consider if they are ready to be committed to the cat for a very long time.

Secondly, one must look into the personality of cat one wants- playful or dignified; indoor or outdoor. A lot depends on the lifestyle one has as that would not be changing for a pretty long time. Playful cats tend to demand a lot more attention and love from their humans. They require 3-4 hours of dedicated play time at different times of the day. If you are planning on getting a kitten, be ready to be doing a lot of surveillance as they have high amounts of energy at that age. A dignified cat on the other hand, would want to play at their own times. They are comparatively less demanding. Female cats fall more in this category.

On account of getting an indoor cat or outdoor cat; many prefer to keep their cats indoors as their parents have been always indoors and therefore the kitten or cat has far lesser immunity. If taken outside, they have chances of getting sick and catching other ailments. Since, a cat has always had a wild streak, its natural for them to have their time outside. Some cats prefer to stay outside and come home for food and shelter. In case of others, their humans leave them outside for a couple of hours so that these cats do not miss out on their natural skills. If you decide to have an outdoor cat, be sure to have the cat micro-chipped for safety.

Thirdly, a decision on long-haired or short-haired cats is importantLong haired cats need a little bit more maintenance than the short haired ones to keep their coats looking amazing. A long haired cat will require daily brushing of their coat to avoid matting. They also shed a lot more hair in the shedding season. Also, grooming for the long haired tends to a tad bit expensive as they need proper bathing once in a while. The short haired ones require combing once a week and most of them do not require proper bathing as they are good with their own grooming skills.

things to consider before getting a cat

Once, the personality and the coat is decided, the sex of the cat – male or female is an important factor. Males are more active, while females are generally good with children. Males are demanding mostly while females want playtime at their own leisure. Both develop their fondness in the house. The males mostly have their attention with one main human, whereas the females tend to have their attention for the entire family.

Also, one needs to see if they want a pedigree or adopt. I would always vouch for adopting a cat rather than buying from a breeder unless one is clear on the kind of cat one wants and one made ample visits to the animal shelter. If adoption is the route one intends to  take then the next step may not be required in most cases, but if one decides to buy from a breeder, it is important to choose the breed of the catClick here for a list of cat breeds.

Deciding and choosing the cat becomes a much more easier process with the above guidelines. But, I would say, always let the cat choose you. That way it works out better.

I hope my first blog helped you in deciding the cat for you. Please subscribe for more blogs. 
Take care