As far as things go, I always believe in moving forward… no matter what comes, no matter how many difficulties, keep steady and keep going….

When I put this in thought in mind, I look at what I can do to make things easier for me… and then comes the 7 STEP HAPPINESS MANTRA. It can also be called, 7 WAYS for creating my own sense of happiness circle around me!!!

So let me break it down for you….


Half of our problems, relationship issues can go away. if we start listening! Yes, listening always does not . mean to keep your mouth shut and letting the other person go on and on… it means…

To hear out!!! To be aware of the things that other person needs, desires and wants…


Feeling here is associated with empathizing… being open to understanding the person. understanding the situation.. or just being a support system.


Accept the other person of all the wrongs, of all the things that they are not and all the things that make them up… that is accepting truly!! Only when we accept, cn others also learn to accept us…


The world needs more doers than just back seat sayers or shouters. We do not need criticism but positive reaction. Doing is believing and by way of doing, one gets to show what they truly believe in!


A simple thank you, email saying “Good Job” or “Well Done” is great for employee motivation. But we often forget to do that, why, we are so busy… but these are the small things that matter.


The world is not built on war, but built on LOVE… so an act of kindness goes a long way.


A smile lights up a thousand rooms, I heard that somewhere, or probably just made it up.. But that fact is, it is seldom important to carry a happy disposition. No one likes a gloomy face!

So, here are my 7 STEPS or 7 WAYS… for creating the circle of happiness around one self! They are all connected.

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Sending you all,

Lots of Love and Happiness,

Bhavana 🙂


Hi Guys, I have been wanting this for a pretty long time!

Yes, the makeover of Our Happy World (OHW) !!!

The reason is simple-

Everything had to look like a brand, I wanted whenever someone visits any social media of the OHW, they should know its OHW by just looking at it !

I love it when the bloggers work on a constant look throughout their blogs… it is hard to achieve, although not hard enough, but surely requires a concentrated effort in the same direction always.

My lessons in Business & Marketing also taught me the same…. have the same branding across… well, yes we can all agree it is Branding.. although not in its entirety, but a part of it…

So yes, that is the reason why I wanted to blog about this, is that I wanted to let you all know…. the Pink Owl is there and if you find the pink owl, consider reading OHW!


What platform I use for Blogging?

I am currently using WordPress as my platform.

Which theme do I use?

I use Germaine theme, but I have customized it drastically.

Why do I blog?

Initially it just started as a hobby or a way of passing time, but within a couple of weeks I fell in love with it. I love writing and that is what made me take this seriously.

What is your blog about?

Our Happy World is my take on happy moments. I love get togethers, gatherings, occasions, celebrations, weddings, birthdays, festivals…. yes I am the one high on holiday cheer! Therefore, I have started writing all about creating the best version of these events. Any way, in which these events can bring a little joy and a smile to the ones reading it and the ones on the receiving end.

What does the PINK OWL stand for?

The pink owl is a symbol of creativity in recreating happy moments.

Where can we find more about your blog?

Our Happy World is currently in its startup stage- it is present with an Instagram account andFacebook page. You can see it here.

Anyways, I am done with the questions, if there is anything else, let me know on – click here.

Till then, ta – ta

Have a happy day

Sending you all happiness….

Bhavana 🙂


So I just did my Pantry because, yes we get to that stage when we an never find anything in there and most of the things that we dig out are expired. For me, it was both. It was a mess. And a mess so big that I did not even want to take a picture of to put on the blog. It would not be aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
So, well… I wanted something neat in there, because that is the “food area” and I wanted to do things on a budget. I am totally game for planning and doing things in a set budget ONLY. Lets just say, I do not want extra costs at this moment.
So, last Saturday, I opened my pantry and memorized the categories of the food that I had and made a mental note of the types of items in my Pantry. I did not want to change the location of the items much but I wanted a better visual at things. For me, it all comes down to Visual!! If I can see it, I know I have it, otherwise I just forget about it and I think its like with most of us.
So, I made a stop at the Dollar store, a bigger one having more variety than just my nearby one and bought the following:
  1. 2 Large Basket
  2. 6 Medium Size baskets
  3. 1 Stick On Pack
  4. 2 Round Baskets
I chose White color because of late I am loving the color white and its just much more pleasing to the eye at all times. But to bring a little color to the kitchen, I had gotten the 2 round baskets in Blue color.
Since, I had already decided my Pantry layout, all I had to do was to take everything out shelf by shelf and put them in the baskets according to the Categories that I decided to put them in. The Categories that I had decided were:
  1. Condiments
  2. Breakfast
  3. Breads
  4. Meal Preparation (Meal Prep)
  5. Biscuits
  6. Snacks
Once I placed them in different baskets, I went and wrote these categories on the Stick Ons and pasted them on the baskets. I placed Onions and Potatoes in the blue round baskets and I keep them in the open because closed doors brings out shoots in them, which are not good for health.
Also, I went a step ahead and did my Grains and Rice section. Since, I already had the containers, I just placed the Stick Ons onto them as well. This gave a much more cohesive look to the whole pantry.
P.S. This is not a Sponsored Post. All the views are of the author.

Cute White Shoes

Cute White Shoes
I have always been crushing over white shoes since I was a kid. Back in school days, when we had our activity hour, we were told to wear the “white P.T. shoes. “ Since I love white and how it compliments almost every color, I badly wanted sport shoes in white.
Sport shoes in white look evergreen, you can wear them to the badminton/ tennis court or just on your walk. And nowadays, the trend is to match them with those long t-shirt dresses. They make me look so chic and sporty at the same time.
I found these shoes at Target and they were by the brand Skechers. They are Athletic and have Memory foam grip inside for comfort cushioning. Sport shoes for me have to lightweight and they pretty much do justice to my feet. I think they are out of stock now but I have a link here, to something similar.

I can say this because I wore them to the Gilroy Garlic Festival where I was on my foot for atlas 4 hours, so that is pretty much to the test.
P.S. This is not a sponsored post. All the views are my own.
Links to Target website – white sneakers

Our First Rakhi After Marriage

The thing with festivals and occasions is you need your family then. Today, me and Peeyush celebrated our first Rakhi in the States. Yep, I did not tie the pretty rakhi bands on to the wrists of my cousins and Peeyush also had to tie it himself (I did help, though but he does not want it to be mentioned, lol).

So I prepared tikka and displayed the rakhi on a nice plate and put out some sweets (Cadbury’s Dairy Milk). Also, I got Rakhi for me ( these are like hanging ones)

The ceremony was short and sweet. Here are the snaps of the Rakhis.

Why I do not want to get a kitten home?

So, this is something that has been close to my heart always…

Last week me and Peeyush brought home our kitten! And we named him Murphy. Murphy was almost 12 weeks when he came to our home. And I believe we were not prepared for what we had gotten into.

  1. The kitten had to be litter trained. Well, he knew what business the litter tray was meant for, but he had difficulty in getting to the litter tray. So, in my dictionary that means “needs litter box training.” I had to put him in the litter box a couple of times in a day for him to figure out that he was wanting to pee and poop.
  2. I was grounded. Literally! I could not go out, even for 10 minutes, because the kitten would go crazy meowing! He needed my constant attention. He wanted me to be next to him all the time…. And cats are not good with car travel, so the question of him taking out was out of conversation.
  3. He was a baby. Like any baby, he wanted to follow me everywhere, well, there would be many reasons for it, I was his sister or mother, but I needed my life. I had my blog, had to cook, spend time with my husband (we are newly weds) and he wanted to take up our time everywhere.
  4. The nights are painful. Just like a crying baby, the kitten used to jump on us and wanted to play with us at night. They are the most active then and wanted our attention. That was totally out of the question. On top of it, he was teething , so we were training him not to bite our fingers and toes.
  5. I have had a 2 year old cat in the past and she did not require, this much work. But the baby kitten was just a lot to take in. Too much attention, constant surveillance, and many more things.

I totally accept the fact, that we made a huge mistake by bringing home the kitty. What we needed, if needed at this point was an elder cat, that too female.

If you are wondering what happened to the kitten, we returned him to our breeder and she will place him in his furever home ! God bless the kitten.

This is an article written to tell everyone not to make a mistake what we did and think twice before bringing a pet home. 

If you are absolutely sure about having a pet, and want a cat in your life, you can get retired pedigreed cats too.



xoxo, B (ava)

Makeup products I cannot live without

Hey all, I have wanting to write this blog for such a long time, but I was waiting to narrow products- I only wanted the “most essential” to fall in this list and so, I have like five products here. Also, I only wanted to capture the makeup items, and not have skin care included, only because skin care would take up another blog….. oh yeah! Its summer time and my skin goes crazy oily!

Well, its oily on most parts of the face, just leaving my nose to be dry, so getting the right product on my skin is a bit of challenge. Tell me, if you also have the same problem 😒

So getting back to the topic, on weekends when I go out, I need more than just these, because I want to feel glamorous (eeeee.. yep); yeah I like getting all dressy. But the ones mentioned here are my definite go-to’s for when you just need that clear skin but do not want to put to shit ton of makeup.

1. Maybelline Dream BB Fresh

So going according to their usage, I love the Maybelline Dream BB Fresh 8-in-1 Beauty Balm Skin Perfector. I am in the shade 120 Medium Sheer Tint and this gives a pretty sheer coverage to my face. I can apply it easily with bare hands and it gives a clean finish to my face hiding some spots here and there. If you are looking for medium to full coverage, I would recommend you staying away from it as this just gives a tiny bit of coverage.

2. Revlon Brow Fantasy by ColorStay

I use Dark Brown and this is a pretty decent buy. It has a pencil crayon on one side and a gel on the other side and has markings on it to denote that the pencil goes 1st and then the gel. My brows stay in their place and the crayon does a fine job. It is my quick and easy fix for those days when I do not have much time.

3. Sephora Waterproof Blush 

I am in love with this product and this has lasted me for more than a year now. The pigmentation is super….. i am using “Such a peach” color. This is a spray, yes and it feel super cool on the skin. Just spray a bit on your cheek and blend it with your finger and I get rosy cheeks. Love, love, love it…. This is from their airbrush spray collection and it is awe-mazing! Also, always shake the bottle before spraying it and keep it a bit away from your cheek.

4. L’oreal Voluminous Original Mascara

I love mascaras, and I bet if anyone loves makeup they gotta love mascara. I love this one. This lengthens and gives a boost of volume to my lashes. And yes, comes with thin, long wand that I like… try this, if you haven’t yet!

4. Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream

I love most of the shades that come in this…but most of all I like SMLC 08. It is a cute fuschia pinkish shade with a coral -like undertone on it. The consistency just glides on to my lips and dries in feew seconds. The formula is not super matte like its name, but little matte. Just right to give a nourishment to my lips and at the same time to stay in the lines.

So these are the products that I cannot live without, what are yours???? Would love to check them out….

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Take care and have a wonderful day



How to clean your Jewelry at home

Owning jewelry and not getting it cleaned regularly can make the piece loose its charm. I love to own statement pieces and have a sort of jewelry collection going on. To make those shiny pieces sparkle all throughout the year, it needs little bit of work.

This is pretty easy and especially fast to do. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Take out the jewelry which you want to clean. I clean my jewelry every 6 months. This keeps them shiny as new.

Step 2: Use soap and water. Mix any shower gel or bathing soap with a little amount of water and mix the two to get a soapy solution.

Step 3: Place the jewelry in your solution and leave it for 10-15 minutes.

Step 4: Use a light hand and brush it with a toothbrush.

Step 5: Clean with running clean water and wipe with a clean soft cloth.

Yes, this is it. It is really that simple.

I hope this would help. Surely, there are more ways to go around the block, but this is the easiest, simplest and fastest of all.