So, a couple of years ago, I was sitting next to my window, looking out, watching the skies, birds and everything under it… just looking out mindlessly, well that state is called “bokato”…. yep, i googled it. So had to google it, because I was doing this pretty often. Just having cup of tea and looking out, aimlessly.

Aimlessly is what I did not like. I had to have a goal. Or probably, i just got too comfortable with myself. That is when it struck me- to write down my plan of life.

What is a plan of life ?

💟 Plan of Life is all about what you want to achieve in your life.

💟 It is about what you envision your life to be.

So, how do you make this plan of life?

Simple. Lets take it step by step….

💟 Take a sheet of paper and pen

💟 Write down where you currently are…. now this has to be as detailed as possible… get into specifics… but do not get lost in it…

you know what i mean, right?

💟 Now make 3 columns- 3 years, 5 years and 10 years….. do not be overwhelmed….

💟 Next, think… what you really want. and begin envisioning yourself…. really weigh in everything by thinking you do you want this or do you want that…

💟 Now . begin filling up all the columns… but take one column at a time…

Now the main point or idea is- this is where your overwhelming gets sorted. You do not have to write everything down today only. You can take your time to think about those columns. Give it a month…. you will get there if you do not know what exactly you want.

Once you get those columns filled…. its now action time.

Almost easy as it sounds, this is the most difficult path.. But we can get there another day. Today we did an amazing task of finding out where you want to be.

Some reminders before I go….

💟 I want you all to remember, life is a gift.. enjoy it… live it…

💟 It is not a race. There maybe joy in getting to the finish point first, but a larger joy is in the journey.

💟 Also, some goals are hard to achieve, some are rather easy ones. I am not telling you to go over the easy win, I am saying, do not be too hard on yourself.

💟 If there are milestones, there are set to be roadblocks. I am most definitely sure about it. So do not give up. And it could take longer, but you will get there.

OK… so we are at the end… but you can always reach out to me on email-

Love & Happiness,

Bhavana 🙂


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Kusum Dutt
Kusum Dutt

Very inspiring blog👍