Hey guys,

So part of my self help series, is Living your Dream.

Living your dream is doing the things that you enjoy doing and continue to do that, in turn having a rewarding life. So what’s the secret or the code?

Well, the code is….. (drumroll) To live your dream, you must have SMART goals.

💟 S- Simple

💟 M- Measurable

💟 A- Accurate

💟 R- Realistic

💟 T- Time defined

Now take a sheet and a pen and :

💟 Know what your dream is. Is it a big house? Is it helping people? Is it working for animals.

💟 List down all the things that you aspire to be or to get at.

💟 Set priorities to your list. Like put numbers or decide which one is most important to you and decide the rest in a decreasing order.

💟 Set timelines for the goals or dreams. For example: I want to be a known blogger. Now this is a vague dream. Set crisp dreams or goals. Look at it like this- I wan to be a known blogger in the self help area by end of 2017. So define your time and exact goal.

Now you have your dreams- you have a list, now is for action time. Once you are through this, do this:

💟 Now break it down more.

Say I want a 4 bedroom house in 2 years. Now look at your expenses and calculate for the next 2 years.

Or look at your credit score to see if that loan amount is payable by you. If it is, that is wonderful. If not, look at increasing your income.

Think of ways you can make good money. Think of getting into school to learn new things or asking for pay raise. Or you can look out for another higher paying job. Alsop, a great way is to cut down your expenses.

A little goes a long way.

💟 Research is key. You can look up various magazines, read online and get price estimates on things you want to do.

💟 Motivation is a huge ingredient is going strong. There can be setbacks, but those are temporary. They will pass away. Keep your goal in mind and keep working towards it.


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