Meeting Perry

It was a Sunday evening and me and Peeyush were visiting one of our friend’s place. And there I met Perry.

Perry is a Siberian male cat, furry and way heavier than any normal cat. He greeted us with a “meow” and pretty much was relaxed at the first sniff at my fingers. Perry’s cream- white coat made him look majestic. He is 2 years old and I enjoyed playing with him.

Me and my husband are cat people and we are ourselves getting a kitten in a couple of weeks. I will be updating the blog soon with snippets of the new cat in the house. His name would be Murphy and there will be a dedicated section about Murphy on the blog. Also, Murphy already has his own Instagram account @realmurphycat so you can keep yourself updated about him over there.

I will be sharing more about Murphy in 2 weeks.

Have a lovely week.



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