Cute White Shoes

Cute White Shoes
I have always been crushing over white shoes since I was a kid. Back in school days, when we had our activity hour, we were told to wear the “white P.T. shoes. “ Since I love white and how it compliments almost every color, I badly wanted sport shoes in white.
Sport shoes in white look evergreen, you can wear them to the badminton/ tennis court or just on your walk. And nowadays, the trend is to match them with those long t-shirt dresses. They make me look so chic and sporty at the same time.
I found these shoes at Target and they were by the brand Skechers. They are Athletic and have Memory foam grip inside for comfort cushioning. Sport shoes for me have to lightweight and they pretty much do justice to my feet. I think they are out of stock now but I have a link here, to something similar.

I can say this because I wore them to the Gilroy Garlic Festival where I was on my foot for atlas 4 hours, so that is pretty much to the test.
P.S. This is not a sponsored post. All the views are my own.
Links to Target website – white sneakers

Makeup products I cannot live without

Hey all, I have wanting to write this blog for such a long time, but I was waiting to narrow products- I only wanted the “most essential” to fall in this list and so, I have like five products here. Also, I only wanted to capture the makeup items, and not have skin care included, only because skin care would take up another blog….. oh yeah! Its summer time and my skin goes crazy oily!

Well, its oily on most parts of the face, just leaving my nose to be dry, so getting the right product on my skin is a bit of challenge. Tell me, if you also have the same problem 😒

So getting back to the topic, on weekends when I go out, I need more than just these, because I want to feel glamorous (eeeee.. yep); yeah I like getting all dressy. But the ones mentioned here are my definite go-to’s for when you just need that clear skin but do not want to put to shit ton of makeup.

1. Maybelline Dream BB Fresh

So going according to their usage, I love the Maybelline Dream BB Fresh 8-in-1 Beauty Balm Skin Perfector. I am in the shade 120 Medium Sheer Tint and this gives a pretty sheer coverage to my face. I can apply it easily with bare hands and it gives a clean finish to my face hiding some spots here and there. If you are looking for medium to full coverage, I would recommend you staying away from it as this just gives a tiny bit of coverage.

2. Revlon Brow Fantasy by ColorStay

I use Dark Brown and this is a pretty decent buy. It has a pencil crayon on one side and a gel on the other side and has markings on it to denote that the pencil goes 1st and then the gel. My brows stay in their place and the crayon does a fine job. It is my quick and easy fix for those days when I do not have much time.

3. Sephora Waterproof Blush 

I am in love with this product and this has lasted me for more than a year now. The pigmentation is super….. i am using “Such a peach” color. This is a spray, yes and it feel super cool on the skin. Just spray a bit on your cheek and blend it with your finger and I get rosy cheeks. Love, love, love it…. This is from their airbrush spray collection and it is awe-mazing! Also, always shake the bottle before spraying it and keep it a bit away from your cheek.

4. L’oreal Voluminous Original Mascara

I love mascaras, and I bet if anyone loves makeup they gotta love mascara. I love this one. This lengthens and gives a boost of volume to my lashes. And yes, comes with thin, long wand that I like… try this, if you haven’t yet!

4. Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream

I love most of the shades that come in this…but most of all I like SMLC 08. It is a cute fuschia pinkish shade with a coral -like undertone on it. The consistency just glides on to my lips and dries in feew seconds. The formula is not super matte like its name, but little matte. Just right to give a nourishment to my lips and at the same time to stay in the lines.

So these are the products that I cannot live without, what are yours???? Would love to check them out….

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Take care and have a wonderful day



How to clean your Jewelry at home

Owning jewelry and not getting it cleaned regularly can make the piece loose its charm. I love to own statement pieces and have a sort of jewelry collection going on. To make those shiny pieces sparkle all throughout the year, it needs little bit of work.

This is pretty easy and especially fast to do. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Take out the jewelry which you want to clean. I clean my jewelry every 6 months. This keeps them shiny as new.

Step 2: Use soap and water. Mix any shower gel or bathing soap with a little amount of water and mix the two to get a soapy solution.

Step 3: Place the jewelry in your solution and leave it for 10-15 minutes.

Step 4: Use a light hand and brush it with a toothbrush.

Step 5: Clean with running clean water and wipe with a clean soft cloth.

Yes, this is it. It is really that simple.

I hope this would help. Surely, there are more ways to go around the block, but this is the easiest, simplest and fastest of all.



How to use dry mascara


To understand the agony of every woman when they try to scrape out the maximum from their mascara wand; is my duty. What I mean to say is that I got you covered on this.

Having a huge stack of mascaras is not just a mere dream but has moved to reality. I have personally 8-9 different mascaras and I use them everyday. But sometimes, I usually forget to use a mascara for a long time; probably when I found a superbly volumizing one that I cannot stop using. Well, when my mascara dries, I follow these following steps:

  • Step1: I take up any lens solution present in the market and put 3-4 drops of the solution in the bottle of dry mascara.
  • Step 2:  Put the mascara wand inside the bottle, close up the bottle and shake the bottle in the palm of your hands. (Do not shake the bottle in upward-downward position)
  • Step 3: Shake for 1 minute.
  • Step 4: Open the bottle and run the wand on your hand. Check to see if your solution is black. If it is clumpy, repeat the steps 1-2-3 till you get good consistency.

Below is the Video tutorial to show you the steps.

Handbags every girl must-have

haute stuff penny the piñata bag

Whether its going to class, to a party, for dinner, or just shopping; every girl needs one- one for all the events I just listed! Yes girl, I got you a list of all the bags that each one of us must have in our closet. One can-not do with these bags. Not only in terms of functionality, but a handbag is a girl’s way of accessorizing the look.

  1. The throw – everything – in bag; TOTE!!
Street Level Moc Croc Sudette Tote Bag in Stone from asos
Street Level Moc Croc Sudette Tote Bag in Stone from asos

I love the totes! They have been my favorite for most occasions. They are spacious, come with a single pocket so one does not need to look into separate pockets to find things.

2. The sling bag- Cross body bag

Glamorous Tile Print Metal Cross Body Bag from asos
Glamorous Tile Print Metal Cross Body Bag

The cross body bags are extremely useful if its a shopping trip to the grocery or going to a gals brunch on a Sunday. Pair them with your comfy slippers and you are good to go.

3. Clutch for the party

ASOS Grid Box Clutch Bag
ASOS Grid Box Clutch Bag

I carry clutches on a romantic dates or attending an Upper East Side event. Clutches are your statement pieces and should compliment your jewelry and heels. Try to match the colors of these statement pieces and you will have heads turn.

4. Your Work bag

Leather hobo bag
Leather hobo bag

If you are a working woman, you know this is an absolute necessity. The job demands so.

5. Statement Pieces

haute stuff penny the piñata bag
haute stuff penny the piñata bag

Carry this statement piece with any ordinary clothing and you go from ordinary to extra-ordinary. And the best thing is they can be taken anywhere.

This is not a sponsored post. Links are from Asos, Mango and Kate Spade websites.