The idea of new furnishings, new buildings charms me; the smell of a new place is always distinctive. It is when we stay there that the place becomes ours and smells and breathes like us!

Yeah, so on that note I have been checking housing areas and it struck me almost there that I am going to throw a house warming party when I move in! Although, that depends on the number of friends I have in that city…. sigh!

But yes, house warming parties, are a total yes !!

Although I am going to pretty paranoid the whole time if my couch has wine spilled on it or the carpet has ketchup on it…. yep.. I will be just like Kim Kardashian… freaking out!!

To be honest, the best House Warming Parties have guests bringing in gifts just like a baby shower… and a thank you note from the host !

So gifts that I recommend would be-


Nowadays, cute and querky shaped bookends are a rage… I like the one here and here . They are needed on shelves having 2-3 books and they have the added ability to look like a stylish showpiece.


Delicate and elegant show pieces make a great impression for attention to a particular place. My favorite showpieces here, here and here.


Vases always find a purpose, with flowers or just as is… they look pretty always. And anyone can bring in any size and shape… it does not matter because there are countless number of ways, a vase can be used… yep.. think of a boho decor room… there are countless places. I find this Kate Spade one elegant and modern.


Finer crystal pieces are exquisite and too expensive so under $100 one can get a small crystal piece. Finer works can be found in Europe… that is where my crystal collection came from! If you want something similar to that, you can look at this piece.


Painting look great as gifts. Well most of the time one does not know the style of one’s house or their decor styling. So I would reserve that gift for when you go out to shop for their home with the specific home owner whom you are gifting to.


A very formal gift is just plain flowers. Get a bouquet of carnations from your nearby Safeway Store and I am sure they would love to decorate them.


When gifting a photo frame, keep in mind to place a picture and never give an empty one. To add a personal touch, add a picture of yourself with the new home owners and it will provide as an awesome memory.


Candle stand vary from ever so classy to modern and bold designs. And there is a stand for every candle. You can find here & here.


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Tips to make your Sofa look rich

The centre point of attention in any home is the living room. It is where the family revolves, the guest sit, the children play and it is the living room that hears most of the laughter and cheer. It is a spot that makes an important area for day-to-day happenings. It is therefore, essential to address this area with some due diligence. The main point of attention in the living room is the sofa / couch. One can have any type of sofa, leather, fabric, velvety finish, love-seat, 3- seater, L-shaped, etc. the crux is that the sofa needs to be welcoming.

Apartment furniture and decor
Apartment furniture and decor

When I was putting together the pieces together for our living room, my first buy was the Sofa. I originally wanted a navy blue colored velvety finish sofa as it would have given an accent color and a deeper tone finish to the room. Most colors would have complimented the navy blue color. But there were some problems in inventory and therefore, we (my husband, Peeyush and I) decided to get a brown colored one. We went in for the velvety finish in the fabric of the sofa.


Now came the main task – ” How to make your Sofa look rich”. Rich here would imply warm and welcoming. I had to do the following:

Step1: Use (Aesthetically pleasing) Cushions

Cushions add color to the room as well as speak about your style. Here is what you need to keep in mind for decorating your sofa and what I kept in mind as well.

  • Do not use the cushions that are of the same color or pattern as your sofa.
  • Try and use a contrast color pattern when choosing cushions.
  • You can opt in for ready to stack cushions or go the traditional way– buy the plain white cushions and then dress them up with cushion covers.
  • Try and choose the colors similar in a color palette. For example- pink and oranges go together; whites, silvers, creams and black go together.
  • Try and choose one dominant color when choosing cushions.
  • Use the principle of odd numbers when deciding on the number of cushions on a sofa.
  • Always remember : there are never enough cushions!
  • You can also use a dominant pillow to grab the attention.

Step 2: Use a throw or a blanket

There are many stylish throws in the market. All you gotta do is to find one that matches your living room. It is key in selection of a throw, it should compliment your color scheme.

Use a throw to match your color scheme
Use a throw to match your color scheme

Step 3: Work on the background

If you are a more neutral toned lover, you can always work with the background.

  • Hang in a huge artwork to grab attention.
  • You can drape a boho-styled cloth to give a different dimension all together.
  • Paint the main wall in deep-toned colors like deep reds and matte black.
Wall color and paintings
Wall color and paintings

And here’s a shot of how our sofa looks.

Sofa at my place
Sofa at my place

Hope this was helpful.