5 Things about Mental Health


Hi folks,

I have not written here for some time. But I wanted to write a good one.

Here is my attempt at that.

Let us talk Mental Health. What is it?

According to Wikipedia, Mental Health is like having peace with your brain; like when your mind is healthy and working well.

People who suffer from Mental health problems are referred to be having Mental Illness.

Fact 1: Look around, 2 out of 10 children have mental health issues and problems since their childhood.

Fact 2: Any kind of substance abuse- narcotics leads to such problems

Fact 3: The ones with mental illness are prone to other diseases than others. They have higher chances of getting neurological, cardiovascular and cancerous diseases.

Fact 4: Mental Illness is treatable. Yet, there is still a stigma about it. People with this illness are subject to isolation in the society. But they need the opposite- the human company is a major way of treating such patients.

Fact 5: According to WHO, around 800,000 people commit suicide every year and many times the substance abuse and mental health issues are the leading cause of such suicide cases.


If you wish to educate someone about mental health issues are want to contact an agency:

+ Google Mental Health Helpline

+In USA- for suicides call: 1800-273-8255  ( National Suicide Prevention online); for general information: SAMHSA Treatment Referral Line- 1877-726-4727

+ In India : 1860-266-2345 / 1800-233-3330

Please search the mental health institutes or crisis management in your local town.





The idea of new furnishings, new buildings charms me; the smell of a new place is always distinctive. It is when we stay there that the place becomes ours and smells and breathes like us!

Yeah, so on that note I have been checking housing areas and it struck me almost there that I am going to throw a house warming party when I move in! Although, that depends on the number of friends I have in that city…. sigh!

But yes, house warming parties, are a total yes !!

Although I am going to pretty paranoid the whole time if my couch has wine spilled on it or the carpet has ketchup on it…. yep.. I will be just like Kim Kardashian… freaking out!!

To be honest, the best House Warming Parties have guests bringing in gifts just like a baby shower… and a thank you note from the host !

So gifts that I recommend would be-


Nowadays, cute and querky shaped bookends are a rage… I like the one here and here . They are needed on shelves having 2-3 books and they have the added ability to look like a stylish showpiece.


Delicate and elegant show pieces make a great impression for attention to a particular place. My favorite showpieces here, here and here.


Vases always find a purpose, with flowers or just as is… they look pretty always. And anyone can bring in any size and shape… it does not matter because there are countless number of ways, a vase can be used… yep.. think of a boho decor room… there are countless places. I find this Kate Spade one elegant and modern.


Finer crystal pieces are exquisite and too expensive so under $100 one can get a small crystal piece. Finer works can be found in Europe… that is where my crystal collection came from! If you want something similar to that, you can look at this piece.


Painting look great as gifts. Well most of the time one does not know the style of one’s house or their decor styling. So I would reserve that gift for when you go out to shop for their home with the specific home owner whom you are gifting to.


A very formal gift is just plain flowers. Get a bouquet of carnations from your nearby Safeway Store and I am sure they would love to decorate them.


When gifting a photo frame, keep in mind to place a picture and never give an empty one. To add a personal touch, add a picture of yourself with the new home owners and it will provide as an awesome memory.


Candle stand vary from ever so classy to modern and bold designs. And there is a stand for every candle. You can find here & here.



www.selluence.com ( Business & Lifestyle Inspiration)



So, a couple of years ago, I was sitting next to my window, looking out, watching the skies, birds and everything under it… just looking out mindlessly, well that state is called “bokato”…. yep, i googled it. So had to google it, because I was doing this pretty often. Just having cup of tea and looking out, aimlessly.

Aimlessly is what I did not like. I had to have a goal. Or probably, i just got too comfortable with myself. That is when it struck me- to write down my plan of life.

What is a plan of life ?

💟 Plan of Life is all about what you want to achieve in your life.

💟 It is about what you envision your life to be.

So, how do you make this plan of life?

Simple. Lets take it step by step….

💟 Take a sheet of paper and pen

💟 Write down where you currently are…. now this has to be as detailed as possible… get into specifics… but do not get lost in it…

you know what i mean, right?

💟 Now make 3 columns- 3 years, 5 years and 10 years….. do not be overwhelmed….

💟 Next, think… what you really want. and begin envisioning yourself…. really weigh in everything by thinking you do you want this or do you want that…

💟 Now . begin filling up all the columns… but take one column at a time…

Now the main point or idea is- this is where your overwhelming gets sorted. You do not have to write everything down today only. You can take your time to think about those columns. Give it a month…. you will get there if you do not know what exactly you want.

Once you get those columns filled…. its now action time.

Almost easy as it sounds, this is the most difficult path.. But we can get there another day. Today we did an amazing task of finding out where you want to be.

Some reminders before I go….

💟 I want you all to remember, life is a gift.. enjoy it… live it…

💟 It is not a race. There maybe joy in getting to the finish point first, but a larger joy is in the journey.

💟 Also, some goals are hard to achieve, some are rather easy ones. I am not telling you to go over the easy win, I am saying, do not be too hard on yourself.

💟 If there are milestones, there are set to be roadblocks. I am most definitely sure about it. So do not give up. And it could take longer, but you will get there.

OK… so we are at the end… but you can always reach out to me on email- bhavanaduttofficial@gmail.com

Love & Happiness,

Bhavana 🙂


I am sure you are guessing, if there is some pun intended! But nope, not this time…

I strongly suggest never go out looking for happiness…. meaning do not do something thinking it might or shall give you happiness.

And Why So?

1. The primary reason is expectancy. Problems that we people have are majorly because of expectations. We believe in something and think and associate expectations. But if things do not pan out the way they are, frustration , anger and depression seeps in.

2. Also, there is reverse psychology to it. If you do something to gain happiness, what it tell about you. It means your brain is trying to tell your that you are not happy in the current state. And I am pretty sure no one wants to know that.

3. A third reason to this is your mind subconsciously attaches itself to anything close. It could be an activity, a cause, a person, a place. And things are not constant. So where there is a shift, the mind has its own battles.

4. Also, the second you go out in pursuit of happiness, you become vulnerable. Vulnerable to anything because all your emotions are out in the open.

So how do you find Happiness?

It is simple.

And there is no code for it.

There is no shortcut to it.

And there is no sure shot formula to it.

Every one has their own happy triggers, one has to understand that better and be aware of them more. In simple words, try out new things and understand what you like and what you do not enjoy. You will find your happiness.


If you have more questions on this, email me on bhavanaduttofficial@gmail.com and I can talk to you there.

Love & Happiness,

Bhavana 🙂


Life is short, too short for putting things off.

If you want to do something, do it now! Do it today…

Or if there are a series of tasks, start today…..

So, just think of it as this ice lollipop…  If I do not finish it in time, it will melt away..

So I have less time, and hence, I should start now.. and so should you…

Just sharing my daily dose of Inspiration!

Love & Happiness,

Bhavana 🙂


As far as things go, I always believe in moving forward… no matter what comes, no matter how many difficulties, keep steady and keep going….

When I put this in thought in mind, I look at what I can do to make things easier for me… and then comes the 7 STEP HAPPINESS MANTRA. It can also be called, 7 WAYS for creating my own sense of happiness circle around me!!!

So let me break it down for you….


Half of our problems, relationship issues can go away. if we start listening! Yes, listening always does not . mean to keep your mouth shut and letting the other person go on and on… it means…

To hear out!!! To be aware of the things that other person needs, desires and wants…


Feeling here is associated with empathizing… being open to understanding the person. understanding the situation.. or just being a support system.


Accept the other person of all the wrongs, of all the things that they are not and all the things that make them up… that is accepting truly!! Only when we accept, cn others also learn to accept us…


The world needs more doers than just back seat sayers or shouters. We do not need criticism but positive reaction. Doing is believing and by way of doing, one gets to show what they truly believe in!


A simple thank you, email saying “Good Job” or “Well Done” is great for employee motivation. But we often forget to do that, why, we are so busy… but these are the small things that matter.


The world is not built on war, but built on LOVE… so an act of kindness goes a long way.


A smile lights up a thousand rooms, I heard that somewhere, or probably just made it up.. But that fact is, it is seldom important to carry a happy disposition. No one likes a gloomy face!

So, here are my 7 STEPS or 7 WAYS… for creating the circle of happiness around one self! They are all connected.

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Sending you all,

Lots of Love and Happiness,

Bhavana 🙂


Hi Guys, I have been wanting this for a pretty long time!

Yes, the makeover of Our Happy World (OHW) !!!

The reason is simple-

Everything had to look like a brand, I wanted whenever someone visits any social media of the OHW, they should know its OHW by just looking at it !

I love it when the bloggers work on a constant look throughout their blogs… it is hard to achieve, although not hard enough, but surely requires a concentrated effort in the same direction always.

My lessons in Business & Marketing also taught me the same…. have the same branding across… well, yes we can all agree it is Branding.. although not in its entirety, but a part of it…

So yes, that is the reason why I wanted to blog about this, is that I wanted to let you all know…. the Pink Owl is there and if you find the pink owl, consider reading OHW!


What platform I use for Blogging?

I am currently using WordPress as my platform.

Which theme do I use?

I use Germaine theme, but I have customized it drastically.

Why do I blog?

Initially it just started as a hobby or a way of passing time, but within a couple of weeks I fell in love with it. I love writing and that is what made me take this seriously.

What is your blog about?

Our Happy World is my take on happy moments. I love get togethers, gatherings, occasions, celebrations, weddings, birthdays, festivals…. yes I am the one high on holiday cheer! Therefore, I have started writing all about creating the best version of these events. Any way, in which these events can bring a little joy and a smile to the ones reading it and the ones on the receiving end.

What does the PINK OWL stand for?

The pink owl is a symbol of creativity in recreating happy moments.

Where can we find more about your blog?

Our Happy World is currently in its startup stage- it is present with an Instagram account andFacebook page. You can see it here.

Anyways, I am done with the questions, if there is anything else, let me know on – click here.

Till then, ta – ta

Have a happy day

Sending you all happiness….

Bhavana 🙂