Why I do not want to get a kitten home?

So, this is something that has been close to my heart always…

Last week me and Peeyush brought home our kitten! And we named him Murphy. Murphy was almost 12 weeks when he came to our home. And I believe we were not prepared for what we had gotten into.

  1. The kitten had to be litter trained. Well, he knew what business the litter tray was meant for, but he had difficulty in getting to the litter tray. So, in my dictionary that means “needs litter box training.” I had to put him in the litter box a couple of times in a day for him to figure out that he was wanting to pee and poop.
  2. I was grounded. Literally! I could not go out, even for 10 minutes, because the kitten would go crazy meowing! He needed my constant attention. He wanted me to be next to him all the time…. And cats are not good with car travel, so the question of him taking out was out of conversation.
  3. He was a baby. Like any baby, he wanted to follow me everywhere, well, there would be many reasons for it, I was his sister or mother, but I needed my life. I had my blog, had to cook, spend time with my husband (we are newly weds) and he wanted to take up our time everywhere.
  4. The nights are painful. Just like a crying baby, the kitten used to jump on us and wanted to play with us at night. They are the most active then and wanted our attention. That was totally out of the question. On top of it, he was teething , so we were training him not to bite our fingers and toes.
  5. I have had a 2 year old cat in the past and she did not require, this much work. But the baby kitten was just a lot to take in. Too much attention, constant surveillance, and many more things.

I totally accept the fact, that we made a huge mistake by bringing home the kitty. What we needed, if needed at this point was an elder cat, that too female.

If you are wondering what happened to the kitten, we returned him to our breeder and she will place him in his furever home ! God bless the kitten.

This is an article written to tell everyone not to make a mistake what we did and think twice before bringing a pet home. 

If you are absolutely sure about having a pet, and want a cat in your life, you can get retired pedigreed cats too.



xoxo, B (ava)


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